How To Get Rid Of Super-glue

As the name suggests, Superglue is not an ordinary glue. With advance in technology, glue has been taken over by the superglue also referred to as cyanoacrylate technically. This glue has such strong chemical bonds that once it gets attached to any object, it’s almost impossible to remove. In fact, this has found its place in day to day’s life in industries to automobile industries, medical to household uses.

You are happy to know that you have been able to join something with the superglue, but what if you want to detach the object to which glue was used. What to do if your fingers got accidentally stuck by the glue or it got seeped onto your clothes or any surface? How would you remove?


For everything there is a solution. So, you don’t have to worry now as you are getting help regarding the removal of superglue.

• If glue is your current problem on your skin, just follow these simple methods. Dip the affected area in a warm water containing soap for some time and then wipe away the glue using some regular hand rubbing. And, even if the glue still stays there, use a cream like substance or a petroleum jelly over the smudge and then wash off with soap water. Please ensure that while you are taking off the glue using your fingernails or any object , do it with care. Don’t be antagonistic in removing else you may end up removing your skin too!

• Glue stuck onto the lips, what to do? No wonder how come the glue ended up onto your lips where it is not meant to be,still you can get rid of this. This happens especially with small kids when they accidentally play with the glue. To remove the glue, you need to apply sufficient water to keep the lips wet. Superglue has a distinctive property that it bonds easily with water, so try to keep the glued area wet most of the time. This will allow the glue to bond with the moisture present around.

• If ever glue gets stuck into the eyelids, don’t stop the tear to flow. The glue will bond with the tears and make their way out of your eyelids thereby making your job easy. Also, wash your eyelids with warm water so as to get contact with the glue.

• If the glue is intense, stucked into the eyeballs then you should consult your doctor first. But as a first aid you can wash with warm water to get it removed else the natural way of eye protein bonding with the glue will help you out.

• If you want to remove glue from your wooden furniture, try to peel it first. Then , use warm soap water to remove it. If at all, this doesn’t help you, just pour some acetone on a paper towel and rub over the area. While doing this, atmost care should be taken because the surface colour of the wood may get removed. Using mineral oil is also recommended.

• For removing glue from clothes, warm soap water can be used initially for removal. Acetone, can be used too; rubbing to be done with a soft bristled toothbrush. Care should be taken against any discolouring.

• Superglue on the plastics and glasses can also be removed in a similar way by dipping the affected area in warm soap water. Glasses don’t bond properly with glue, so you can remove using fingers. If not, use rubbing alcohol or the acetone as an ultimate remover using a cloth.