How to Get Rid of Coffee Stains

Coffee is a great tool to use to help one wake up in the morning and stay awake throughout the day. But the fact of the matter is that you’re first cup of coffee is always handled clumsily and you never really have a proper hold on it. Do you know what this leads to? Well, you end up spilling it all over your clothes and carpet. You start looking for ways to quickly clean it before it starts to leave a stain. There’s no need to look around for the best solution because we have the best solutions to how to get rid of coffee stains right here in this article. Feel free to continue reading.

Get Rid of Coffee Stains from Fabrics

Before treating any piece of fabrics, it’s best that you read the instructions written on the tag of the fabric itself. Make sure the treatment you are going to provide is not going to damage the fabric.

There are many ways you can go about getting rid of coffee stains from fabrics. The most commonly used techniques involve using things like egg whites, lemon juice and vinegar at times. If you want to look for an easier way to go about getting rid of coffee stains, then all you have to do is make a trip to your local grocery store and pick up a tub of OxiClean. Soak the fabric in this stain remover and leave it overnight. Run it through a wash cycle in the morning and the stain will no longer be there.

Get Rid of Coffee Stains from Carpets

Blot the stain with a towel and try to get as much as you can from the towel. If the stain is comparatively old, then you might want to skip this step. From there, use OxiClean to saturate the coffee stain by making a solution with the stain remover and some water. Let it soak in this solution for about 10 minutes so it can take effect.

If you’re dealing with an old coffee stain, then you will need to scrub the stained area thoroughly and make sure the stain doesn’t spread to surrounding areas. If it’s a fresh stain you have, then ignore this step. Blot the area now with a dry towel. If you see a difference in the stain, then repeat the previous step about 20 to 3 more times so it can entirely disappear.