How to Get Rid of Chocolate Stains

The one thing we always try to avoid while eating chocolate is getting a stain on our shirt or any piece of clothing. Chocolate stains are the worst ones to deal with and these need to have a proper solution to it. There is no doubt that chocolates are tasty and we can’t have enough of it but when it gets dirty, we all pay the ultimate price. To get to the bottom to how to get rid of chocolate stains, we will look into this issue in two aspects: clothing and furniture.

How to Get Rid of Chocolate Stains From Clothing

When your clothing becomes a victim of a chocolate stain, you need to check the tag to make sure your clothes can tolerate what you’re going to do to it. First and foremost, let the chocolate stain harden. If you want quicken this process, place the clothing into the fridge for a bit. Once it goes hard, scrape as much as you can off from the clothing butter a butter knife or any other utensil that has a blunt edge. Run some hot water on it, from the back side, to melt it and push it out of the fabric.

Now, you want to saturate the remainder of the stain with some dish detergent and let it sit that way for about 10 minutes. Fold the stained area on itself and let the soap agitate the stain. Once you are done, wash it with hot water.

How to Get Rid of Chocolate Stain From Furniture/Carpets

Let the chocolate stain and scrape it off using a blunt instrument, like a butter knife. Lay some paper towels over the stained area. Run an iron over the paper towel using its lowest setting without steam. The chocolate will start to melt and the heat will force the chocolate into the paper towels. Move the paper towels around so they can absorb the chocolate. If there is dark spot left, then you should follow that up with a spot treatment or a scrub using dish detergent and a blot dry.

The main concern for you is the temperature of the iron. It needs to be hot enough to just barely melt the chocolate. If it gets too hot you will risk spreading out the stain.

Be a lot more careful next time when eating chocolate. Share with us how you got rid of chocolate stains with others using the comment box below.