How to Get Rid From Rust Stains

Rust stains are not so easy to get rid of especially when you are not quite familiar with the chemistry of the rust. Everybody has faced the consequences of rust in some part of their lives. Rust stains damage the material and especially the steel and aluminum metals at your home.

Rust usually casts off the originality of the material on which it attacks. If you gaze at the materials inside your pantries and stores you will clearly see the dark golden crust like appearance on the surface of metals. Yes this crust like appearance is the rust and you need to get it off to save your material or appliance or anything which has come in contact with it.


There are numerous ways to get rid of the rust. Normally home remedies are applied to get rid of the rust. Home remedies have come useful a great way and people are opting for it as these methods are traditional and easy to apply. Let us see some of the methods by which you can get rid of the rust stains.

Getting rid of the rust stains

  • The best way to get rid of the rust is by the use of citric acid. Yes citric acid should be applied on the material which has acquired rust. You should bear that in mind that citric acid should be used in higher dose in order to get rid of the rust. There are numerous cleaners available in the markets, which have got anti rust properties. See the cleaner which suits you best and has got high proportions of citric acid in it. Use the cleaner well.
  • Sometimes the rust permeates on the shirt or fabric material and if in this is the case then make sure that you do not putt on the citric acid on the shirt before checking if it causes any discoloration or not. Make this sure by applying a small amount of citric acid on the tail of the shirt and then checking it. If the citric acid does not remove the original color of the shirt then you are good to go.
  • There is another very popular way which you can get rid of the rust stains and that is by applying some amount of vinegar on it. Take some cotton bud or a cloth. Then dab it on the affected area or where the rust stain is present. It is very likely that your rust stains will be gone in a while after applying the vinegar solution.
  • To get rid of the stains from cloth has become a no job for a layman. Even a small knowledge of basic chemistry can get you rid of the rust stains. With the help of tartar cream you can get rid of the rust stains. Mix the tartar cream in the water and then apply it on the cloth. Leave your cloth as it is for some moments then check it after some time. You will see the good results.