How to Get Rid From Nail Polish Stains

Nail polish looks beautiful when applied elegantly but its removal becomes very tedious and irritating at times. Not every woman knows the secret of complete full proof washing of a nail polish stain. Nail polishes are easy to apply but difficult to remove.


Let us see different schemes by which you can remove the nail polish stains.

Getting Rid Of Nail Polish Stains

  1. The easiest method of removing a nail polish stain is by gently rubbing the nail with a dry paper towel. This method should be made into use when the nail polish stain is still wet and had not dried a bit.
  2. Acetone based nail polish removers should be used if the stain persists or if some time has passed after the initial application of nail polish stain. Acetone based removers are really good and these are easily available in the market. Gently dip the paper towel in a nail polish remover and apply it on the nail. Move to a clean part of the towel as the nail polish stains start removing. This method should be continued at least till the complete removal of the nail polish stain. This method is used for the fresh removal of a nail polish stain.
  3. If there is a nail polish stain on some fabric or cloth there is a method by which you can get rid of it. Apply it on some rough cloth to make sure that the nail polish stain is good and removing the stain. The procedure is as follows.
  4. Use a blunt edge of any sharp thing like knife or scissor and scrap the excess material or nail polish stain from it then try rubbing the stain with a gum eraser. Gum eraser is a good thing to use to remove the nail polish stain. But if it does not work on the cloth try using it an emery board. If even that does not work try making use of a fine grade sand paper.
  5. For other material except for cloth and fabric some other techniques and chemicals can be used like the hair spray. If you want to remove the nail polish stain from a wooden or plastic surface gently scrap off the excess build of stain from the surface and then sprinkle the hair spray on that surface and leave it as it is for some minutes. Scrub the stain from a tooth brush. Use tooth brush for these surfaces and not any other thing because it will remove the stain completely. Scrub it as much as you can until the stain has been completely removed.
  6. If your nail polish stain is present on the carpet a very sensible way to get rid of it is by cutting the edges and shreds of the carpet through a scissor. Apply it on a small scale and not larger scale because it will not remove the nail polish stain but damage the carpet.