How to Get Rid From Lipstick Stains

Lipstick is applied on lips by the ladies, the most important ingredient used in cosmetics to increase the beauty. It is available in different shades/colors. Females which are really conscious about their looks lipstick has a vital importance in their life but the stains of lipstick on the different items can be annoying and we can do measures to get away with it. Without the lipsticks the original beauty of the females are marred but their artificial beauty gleams up. So in short is one essential thing that needs to be in the purses of women all the time.

There are a lots and lots of ways with which we can get rid of the lipstick stains. We can get relief from lipstick staining by applying on different methods. Let us see some of them.

Getting rid of Lipstick stains

  • Lipstick stains can be seen on various things like on some non washable items such as wool, acetate, silk, triacetate and carpet. We can sponge the area stained with various solvents until it is properly removed then blotting it and again sponging with the water allowing it to dry. Washable stained items are treated with anti staining agent wash with it. If the stains are not removed then dipping the material for one hour can remove then flushing with water after blotting and is dried then this procedure is applied on nylon, acrylic fibers, fabric and cotton.
  • Ceramics, marble tiles, porcelain dishes and vinyl clothing can have the stains too. Wiping the dirty area with warm water if not removed then applying ammonia can serve the purpose. Stone surfaces can be cleaned by applying alcohol along with ammonia and the use of bleach can help. There are lots of acids available too in the market which can be used to get rid of the lipstick stains. Although the acids are not preferable, but some people use it. You need to use the acids with caution.
  • We can was the lipstick stains by rubbing the wet towel applying dish washing agent. Lipstick has three main items oils, waxes and pigments. They can be removed by applying the anti agents to clean the surface. If dealing professionally then motsenbockers lift up is used. Xenit is the product which has no chemicals in it and is made of natural products which will remove the stains effectively.
  • By wearing the lipstick we should not get worried that if we get stains of lipstick from your friend or significant other. We can get away from it and it is not a difficult task. The immediate way is as soon as we know that our thing has a stain we should pay attention to it instead of ignoring the stain. It will avoid penetrating the pigments and oil of lipstick deep into the fabric etc. The stains will not be penetrating and it will be very easy to remove them instead of wasting time on cleaning it.

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