How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Pharaoh ants, commonly called sugar ants, are small ants with light brown bodies. Sugar ants got their pet name because they attack sweetened foods like sugar. These ants are also attracted to fatty food. Cakes, bread, muffins etc. to name a few. You can imagine how annoying these ants can be when they ruin your birthday cake or the bread you just baked.


The ants make home all through March to September and invade your household like an unwanted guest. They will swarm all over your food and you’ll be left screaming here are several ways to rid your home of this exasperating creature. Here are some remedies:


1.       White Vinegar: use a bit of white vinegar to scrub your counters or floors. The stench will be enough to keep the ants fooled and they won’t try to get to your sugary food. The acetic acid in the vinegar works as a cleaning agent too.

2.       Whole cloves: This item also has a very strong smell. This will puzzle the ants and they’ll be left wandering, instead of getting to your food. Put these cloves at the entry areas of these ants as well as in any place that you may have stored breads or cakes.

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3.       Borax: This is perhaps the most effective treatment of sugar ants. Place a solution of borax mixed with sugar in a bowl. The ants will be naturally attracted to the sugar and the borax will do its action.

4.       Corn meal: Feed the ants some corn meal, which they are incapable to digesting. Do add a bit of sugar syrup to it so it’s more attractive to them.

5.       Insecticides: Diazinon, permethrin, cypermethrin, allethrin etc. are all insecticides that work best on such ants and eliminate them from your place. Find the ant nest if you can, and spray it with the insecticide to get rid of all such creatures once and for all.

6.       Bleach: You can try bucketing bleach on any sugar ants you see, and rinsing them away down your sink drain. Bleach will be effective in cleaning as well as getting rid of the pests.

7.       Keep it clean: It’s important to have a clean house. You don’t need crumbs and pieces of food lying around. Make sure to vacuum your place, even under rugs and mats. Pick up the durty plates and clean them instead of piling them up in the sink. Mopping helps to get rid of sugar ants by destroying their pheromone trails.

8.       Chalk: Ants will not cross a line drawn in chalk. So make a thick line at the entry of these ants and you’ll keep them off your back for good.

9.       Cream of Wheat: The ants will consume this item. When it goes inside their system, it swells up and the ants burst. Instant freedom from sugar ants.

Now when you see a swarm of ants heading your way, you don’t need to scream. You have all the materials you need to make them run away for good right in the comfort of your home. Though, if the readers have any other suggestions in mind to keep these pestering creatures at bay, it would be welcomed.