How To Get Rid Of Gophers

Gophers are vermin that have a talent for finding your garden plants and eating them. They make tunnels in your ground of about four to eight inches underground. Therefore, to save your plants from them, try one of these methods.

The gophers

Getting Rid of Gophers

  • Firstly, check laws regarding getting rid of certain pests. In some countries some methods described are illegal so it is very important.
  • Your vehicle can prove to be a best solution. Use its exhaust to flood the tunnel of the gophers with carbon monoxide. Cover any holes properly.
  • Moreover, trap them. To do so, use gopher traps and place them in the tunnel. Make sure to cover the surface so that no light is able to pass.
  • Another way out is to poison them. Read the instructions carefully and handle it properly as it is very dangerous. Keep it out of reach of children and wash your hands with lots of water after handling. Be careful about it as it is not preferable when a pet exists in the house as it can eat the poisoned gopher later.
  • Another method is to drown them with garden hose to flood their tunnel with water. If the gopher pops out, be ready to kill it with a shovel.
  • Even smoke can be a good way out. Get hold of gopher flares. Read the instructions carefully. Light the flares and fill the tunnel with smoke.
  • Release a predator like a wild gopher snake. Even some domestic cats are really helpful too.
  • You can also use repellents. Mix caster oils, Tabasco sauce, pepper mint and water. Shake well and dip cotton balls into it. Stick the balls near plants. Be sure to wear gloves.
  • At times, gopher baskets can be used. Also plant gopher spurge which gophers seem to dislike.
  • You can also feed them with juicy fruit gum. Handle it with gloves so as to your scent does not get into it. Twist and foil it. The gopher will eat it and die in its hole.
  • If you find it hard, you can hire an expert who can get you rid of off the gophers.
  • Another easy way is to shoot them.
  • If you prefer a humane approach, do not kill them instead try to eliminate food sources that they are getting from your house.
  • Pet waste is another helpful way. It is better to use it by plugging it into gopher’s tunnels. It is also very cheap and works at its best.
  • Noise is another effective way to eliminate gophers from your property. They are sensitive to loud noises. They are prone to move to another place if they hear something they do not like in their environment. Try placing wind charms around your garden to eliminate them.
  • Use fish scent that gophers mostly dislike.

The above listed methods are easy and can make your garden clean from the rusty gophers that damage the entire beauty of your garden. So adopt any method that will help to make your life gopher free.

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