How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants

Fire ants are the real brutes of the insect world and when you spot one in your vicinity it means there are many more around that you are missing.

These ants are highly aggressive and hard to be driven out of your locality once they set up a colony. An exceptionally high skilled survivor of all ants these ants can colonize almost any habitat starting from stray vegetation lands to your backyard garden or even your kitchen.

It is believed that most ant species are beneficial to your garden as they keep the pest population under control letting your garden fruits grow healthily. But fire ants are some exception because they do attack the pests and also your garden fruits; they will happily feed on young seeds, potatoes tomatoes or even on young shooting plants. In your kitchen, the menu increases, starting from flour, sugar, bran oil, cookies and almost any eatables that they find.

fire ants

So, how to get rid of all these troubles? Easiest option is to call up the pest extermination team. But there is still something you can do yourself.

Getting rid of fire ants:

1. First option is to keep your family members or your pets out of the ant infested area. Remember these ants are very aggressive with a bad attitude and they give a really painful bite.

2. Secondly try to follow the foraging ants that come searching for food to your kitchen and carry the scent trails back to their colonies. By following these foraging ants you can easily find out the colony wherever it is may be in your backyard garden shrub or an ant mound in the corner or so. Your priority is to destroy this colony as that is the main source of trouble.

3. You can pour steaming hot water in the colony that will burn most of the ants. But be sure to wear high boots and gloves as the ants will come pouring out of the mound once you do so.

4. Experimentally it is proved that a mixture of citrus oil and soap water (the very basic detergent) is highly effective against these ants as it destroys their exoskeleton and blocks their airways suffocating them to death. Medina orange oil is also very effective to be used.

5. Keep all your oily and greasy utensils well cleaned and shelved so that it does not attract the ants inside your house. Keep all sweet smelling or starch like substances inside the container. And you can also wash or swipe your kitchen floor with strong vinegar and water as the smell of vinegar deters the ant. Apply bleaching powder in your garbage tins or pour citrus oil on them and get them disposed off as fast as possible.

6. You can also try organic fire ant baits. Some baits are even toxic to humans especially small children so be careful about that. Pour some granules of these bait outside your house may be near the ant colony. The foraging ants are going to carry these baits to their colony and when the ants feed on it the whole colony slowly gets killed. This method however takes more time. Bait should not be given inside the house as it draws in more ants.

These are all a few basic techniques you can try on yourself but if things get too much out of control then taking the help of a pest control team is highly advisable. Fire ants are really dangerous creatures, so do not ignore their presence around your house.