How To Get Rid From Voles

Like all the other rodents you see roaming around, voles are another creatures that can be extremely destructive for you and your home. They can found in a lot of places at your home but mostly they will be residing in your gardens or your backyards. Their physique is quite similar to all the other rodents and they have short legs with short but thick fur that enables them to resist extreme temperatures. The thing that makes these creatures unique than the other rodents is their capability of attacking the plants above and beyond the ground. They can chew away the plants and they don’t consider the kind of plant they chew. They can chew anything that comes across this way and they don’t give any sort of consideration to what they eat.


There are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of the voles and some of the ways are quite similar to the ways with which you get rid of the other rodents. Let us see some of the useful ways to get rid of the voles.

Getting rid of the Voles

  • First you need to identify that is it actually voles that have attacked your garden or crop of are these some other rodents. You need to identify it by carefully monitoring the whole situation of your garden. Voles have very small teeth as compared to other rodents so there damage is pretty much visible and can be determined by careful monitoring.
  • You need to get rid of the habitat first for the voles that is enabling them to grow and flourish at rapid rates. Voles usually occupy the garden where there is excess of weeds and old and tall grasses are present. These features enable the voles to hide themselves in it and it becomes pretty difficult to get rid of the voles once they occupy a solid living place in your garden.
  • To completely prevent the voles from entering in your garden you need to establish a fence that can reach up to as much as 18inches in height and this is the perfect way to get rid of the voles and not enabling them to enter in your territory. You should also make sure that you use the weed free barrier because it will also prevent the voles from entering in your place. Furthermore you should grow the fence in the ground as much as 6 inches because voles can come to your place by burrowing inside the ground and attacking your area.
  • Trapping and then killing the voles is not a bad option if the number of population of voles in your garden is not very large. You need to install useful traps in your garden and the traps should be as much as 12-15 in number because only then it will be an effective remedy. You can always use the option of  bait for trapping in simple mousetraps by applying some peanut butter solution in it trapping is becoming a pretty popular way to get rid of the voles.