How To Get Rid From Ticks

Ah insects and insects. They never let you breathe easily. Wherever you gaze at your house if it is dirty you will find lots of insects. And one such insect which is wreaking havoc for every person and not just person but for the animals too is tick. The worst things about tick is that they are the carrier of different diseases and one such disease is the Lyme disease which is normally present in the animals but it can be transferred to the humans too.

Ticks can be found anywhere from your living rooms to your kitchens and bathrooms, from your gardens and porches to your terraces you just name a place and you will find a tick. If you have a pet then there are quite a number of chances that you can find the ticks on it too.  But with the recent advancements in health there are a lot of methods by which you can get rid of the ticks.

Let us see some of the handy and handful tips with which you can get rid of these revolting insects.

Getting rid of the Ticks

  • First find out where ticks reside most of the times. Normally ticks reside in the gardens, porches, in grassy places or somewhere in the damp places if that is the case then you can carry out some quarantine methods to get rid of these ticks. Make sure you do not let the ticks get enter in your house. Destroy their residing places completely. The good thing to do is by start mowing out your lawns and the overly grown grasses should be cut in time. The leaves that are tick friendly the trees that are tick friendly should be cut down and cleaned off as soon as possible.
  • It has been seen that ticks are normally attracted towards dead and old leaves so it is up to you now to clean off every tiny bit of leaf from your garden so that no tick can settle down there. The dead, old, dark bushy leaves are considered to be the heaven for ticks so you need to get rid of these leaves as quickly as you can. If you do not react quickly and properly no wonder you will see a bust of ticks in your garden.
  • Keeping the fence high or fencing your garden is not a bad idea to stay away from the ticks. Ticks are sometimes or normally carried from other animals so keeping the fence high will not only stay your home from other big animals but also from the ticks.
  • Make sure you do not let your children play in the high grassy areas because there are chances that ticks might be present in these places. If by any chance your child goes to some grassy place then take him out of there because ticks normally reside in those places and it may get attached to the skin of your child.
  • Check thoroughly the areas underneath the bird feeders. This is also a good place for ticks to dwell. Ticks can make their home in the favorable places and bird feeder is one such place. Clean the bird feeder every once in a while.