How To Get Rid From Squirrels

Like all the noisy irritating rodents squirrel is one of them which can become a real pain in your head if you do not deal with it. Mostly squirrels do not do the honors of coming or getting entry in your house but some squirrels do. Squirrels are normally attracted towards the open food or the food that is uncovered and they are not attracted towards every type of food but some specific food like nuts, peanuts etc. Squirrels mostly live on the trees or outside someone’s house but you need to be very cautious with their movements because sometimes the squirrels can snitch the food away from your kitchen or the drawers.


Getting rid of the squirrels is not an easy job. It requires commitment, dedication and motivation but with the proper methods and tricks in mind you can get rid of them easily. Let us take a look at some of the ways by which you can get rid of the squirrels.

Getting rid of the Squirrels

  • Like said earlier, squirrels are attracted towards the open food. Food which is not protected with something and the food that mostly resides in the realms of nuts like peanuts and walnuts so first you need to cover your food properly and if you have a lot of uncovered food then you can expect a lot of squirrels too.
  • Like for all the notorious rodents you can also use the bait for squirrels in the form of squirrel proof bird feeder. Attach some kind of peanut or walnut on the feeder and once the squirrels hits it, it will be closed automatically. There are some feeders which give the electric shock to the squirrels so the squirrels become unconscious for a while. And you can get rid of it afterwards. In the market there are a lot of bogus bird feeders available. Try buying the feeder of some good quality because not only will it pay you the price but you will also feel satisfied after buying it.
  • Proper sanitation mechanism should be installed in your house. Squirrels are attracted towards the unsheathed food. So you need to make sure that you dispose off your food properly and not just let it as it is openly. This is a basic household thing you need to remember. Every rodent is attracted towards the food items and you need to make sure that there is not such item in your garage or porch or anywhere. Dispose off your garbage properly and some place away from your home.
  • In the market these days a lot of squirrel repellants are also available which can come of great use. Many squirrel repellents like squirrels away are basically made of hot chili peppers and black peppers which squirrels loath to the core. So apply these repellents in the area where you feel the squirrels ramble around and this is guaranteed the squirrels won’t move there again. You can also apply these repellents to the areas where you feel the squirrels come from to your house and the squirrels would not come from that place due to the bad and foul odor of that repellents.