How to Get Rid From Silverfish

Silverfish is a blue colored pest that has no wings and resembles the appearance of a fish. It is also known as a fishmoth and this is because its movements are the same of that of a small fish. If you don’t take the proper precautions that need to be taken when trying to get rid of silverfish, then you will notice destruction in your textiles, books and tapestries. Continue to read the tips below to come to know of different ways on how to get rid of silverfish.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

First and foremost, in order to get rid of silverfish you need to determine whether what you have in your house are silverfish or not. This is because firebrats are also similar to silverfish but silverfish range from a gray to green color and stay in areas where the temperature stays at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Firebrats, comparatively, live in hotter areas where the temperature can touch 100 degrees and they are either white or black in color.

The best way to deal with silverfish is to target their sources. Silverfish are known to live in moist areas. So when you’re searching your houses, look for areas where water is present and where it can pile up, like in your basements, attics, kitchens etc. They are also thrive in areas where the humidity exists.

When you are trying to get rid of silverfish, the most effective technique you can use is poison. Borax, insecticidal dust and diatomaceous earth are some things you can use and, trust me, they work wonders. Use these substances to protect areas like crawl spaces and the inside areas of walls. Don’t forget to apply some behind kitchen appliances like your microwave and other household areas like furniture.

Roach traps are also pretty effective. Sticky roach traps have always been known to be effective and efficient. Pay a visit to your local hardware store and purchase one. It’s not hard to buy because is the process is really straightforward. These traps can be devastating for the silverfish but will certainly work wonders for you.

Jar traps are used by some people too. There’s no need for you to buy your own expensive trap rather just make one yourself. Take a canning jar and give a good scrubbing. Cover the outside area of it using masking tape. Put it in an area where you know the silverfish and once they are inside, they will not be able to crawl back out.