How To Get Rid From Rodents

Like all the other animals rodents are very pesky creatures too. These creatures have been voted as the most irritating household animals to date. These are the animals with somewhat big tooth and jaw structures and mostly they dwell on the wood and some fibrous material.

The most famous rodents are mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, gophers etc. These are the animals which if found at home can made your life a mess. Particularly the rats and mice that can be found in the holes and fissures of your homes are of serious trouble.

Let us take a look at some of these rodent pests and how you can get rid of them.

Getting rid of the Rodents

  • The most ill famed rodents are the mice and rats. Getting rid of these rodents is not exactly an easy feat as it may sound but you need to be very cautious. The best way to get rid of mice and rats is through mice traps that can be bought from the market stores. All you got to do is put that mice trap in the place where the mice reside and catch them. Once they are caught there is no getting out and you can get rid of these mice by throwing away somewhere far from your home. This is good way to get rid of the mice but there are hoofed mice present these days which can track their way back to your home so you need to be careful where you throw away the mice.
  • Gophers can be controlled with two ways. Either you use the poison which is a somewhat dangerous method or you can use the Gopher traps. Place these traps in the gopher tunnel system or the place where they mostly dwell and when you catch them throw them somewhere safe. Poisoning the gophers is another way but when you poison them there is a possibility that these gophers would not die instantly and after eating the poison these gophers would ramble on the ground and if any other predator eats that gopher it will die too.
  • Squirrels although look like pretty decent and lovable creatures, can be a serious pain in the head if found inside your home. But you need to be sure that you should not apply any procedure that directs it to the complete termination of the squirrel but focuses on the prevention. You need to make sure that a proper sanitation mechanism of your house is present. Do not leave the food outside your home or unattended. If you have any pet food at your house, do not leave it as it is. Dispose it off properly. Squirrels are mostly attracted towards the nuts and beans or the food that is high in protein content. Make sure that you dispose off your garbage in an open place away from your home and not near your home. These squirrels have a very strong tendency to get attracted towards the food it likes.