How To Get Rid From Roaches

Of all the disgusting and troublesome insects you manage to encounter in your house roaches are the ones that easily lead all the rest. There is no specific place where roaches live and you can easily see them rambling around in your house mostly in the nook and corners of your living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They can also be found on the walls and crevices of your homes and even in your terrace and porch.

Not a single place where you cannot find a roaches and their presence really disturb your whole life style to an unimaginable extent. There are a lot of species of the roaches and every species is the arch foe of humans. They destroy your food and clothes plus damage other necessary items too. Let us take a look at some of tips by which you can get your self away from these hideous insects.

Getting away from Roaches

  • First thing you need to do is to find out their hiding place. Once you managed to get to their hiding or residing place the rest of your work becomes easier. This is basic technique you need to go through in order to get rid of any insect and not just roaches. Roaches are present in different sizes. Some are small while some are big and they have got tiny legs with long antennae on the anterior surface. Make sure you check every nook of your house behind your cupboards and drawers, in the crevices of walls etc. routinely check these areas every once in a week during the day time because these roaches do not show up during day time but night.
  • You cannot control them by blocking them or changing their rout or something you do with the small insects. Roaches are not small when you compare them with other insects and the only thing you need to get rid of them is by killing them.
  • Most people give roaches the bait by giving them the roach food which in actual is the poisonous food. You need to mix different stuff to make this food. The food is comprised of three things boric acid, white floor and sugar while sugar is the main thing which attracts the roaches. White floor sticks to them and boric acid is poison which kills the roaches. This is very common technique in houses these days and it has been proven very effective too for long. Place this mixture in every corner of the house and within a week every roach in your house will be done and dusted. Make sure you get this mixture out of the reach of your pets because dogs and some other pets might eat this mixture.
  • Another way you can trap and kill the roaches is by giving them the bait in the jam jars. You can put the bait in the jam jar and keep the jar open, place it in some place where the movement of the roaches is the maximum. When a roach comes in that jar close the lid and dispose it off or throw it outside.
  • If the above mentioned tips do not work for you then use the bug spray to get rid of the roaches. Bug sprays are easily available these days and you can buy one from the market.