How to Get Rid From Mice

When it comes to the matter of getting rid of mice, there are so many different things that come to our mind. Some of us probably start remembering the different cartoons that we’ve seen in which they run after mice etc. Mice are actually the most unwanted house guests that you may have, along with the most common rodent invaders too. Going through this article will be more than enough for you to help you know how to get rid of mice.

Top Ways of Getting Rid of Mice

Below are some of top ways to help you get rid of mice:

  • Old-fashioned mouse traps – We’ve all seen them but we are also aware of how messy they can be. But the price tag can totally be justified.
  • New, covered mouse traps – These have been proven to be a lot safer as compared to retro mouse traps especially if you have kids and pets around. It is also a lot less gross to see a dead mouse
  • Sonic noise maker – this is also a proven method. The pitch of this device is high enough not to bother humans and pets but it’s just enough to push away any mouse lingering around.
  • Mouse bait/poison – this is really effective but the only problem that prevails is you need to be careful around your house pets along with any young children in the area.

Attack the Source

Firstly, you need to make sure that everything, and by everything we mean any food, is covered in the kitchen. House mice will attack anything they can get their hands on but nuts and grains are preferred by them. Search your kitchen and make sure nothing is lying out without proper covering. Keep everything elevated and keep it in plastic containers, metal containers if possible.

Attack Their Shelter

Mice will live almost anywhere as long as that place is warm, quiet and close to food. They are able to squeeze through any hole and this causes problems for many. What this means is that you need to clear everything out. Begin by clearing any clutter from the closets, cabinets, basements, garage and your children’s rooms. The aim of your clearing out is to clear out anything that can be used by mice as shelter. Keep your eyes open and take your time as you will need to concentrate on almost everything that can come your way.