How to Get Rid From Gnats

Irritating insects can be found everywhere and the insects that are found in your home cause you real trouble when you have got no solution to deal with them. There are a lot of insects that you might find in your house like cockroaches, ants, flies the most famous of all and some other too. You can get rid of these insects with not much difficulty but there is a pesky little insect which can make your life a living hell. Yes we are talking about the “Gnats” which can be found in large amounts at your kitchen or bathrooms.

There are quite a number of species of this insect and you cannot differentiate each species easily. Some gnats can bite humans too. So you need to be very aware of these insects and if they come into your home you need to take the following measures in order to get rid of them.

Getting rid of Gnats

  • The weakest point of these insects is food. The gnats feed on food and that is the reason they can be found in your kitchen. The first thing you need to do is block them by not letting them eating your food. All you need to do is make your kitchen clean and tidy and try wiping your whole kitchen regularly.These gnats live on the scraps of the food you have left so try washing your dishes every day and make sure you dispose off your food outside your house or in some other place and do not left the food open. If you leave your food open you are inviting the gnats to your home.
  • Cleanliness is absolute requirement if you want to keep your self safe from gnats. Cover al the garbage cans of your house so that the gnats do not feed on the open food. If by any chance you leave the garbage can open then you start anticipating the arrival of gnats in your home.
  • If the above mentioned suggestions are not good for you then you need to trap the gnats and then kill them. Well this is not a difficult feat. You need to make sure the kind of scene gnats are attracted to. Normally gnats are attracted to the vinegar so you can make a home based trap for the gnats by using vinegar.You would need a bottle with a large hole and put some vinegar inside it. Leave it open in some are near to your kitchen. There are possibilities that gnats would be attracted to this vinegar bottle and when the gnats come inside the bottle cover the bottle and dispose it off immediately.
  • There is another thing which you can do, try pouring the oil in your kitchen or near the sink area or somewhere where you feel that the gnats are present. Gnats get clogged to the oil and they are not able to move afterwards. After sticking to the oil dispose of the remaining gnats that have clogged to the oil.You can also pour ammonia in your sink or any other area. It will kill gnats instantly.
  • The last method that you can use is the insect spray method. This is a useful method and a bit expensive and it should be used once all the other methods are failed.