How To Get Rid From Fruit Flies

Getting the bugs out of your house is not easy task particularly when you are new to it and you cannot think of many methods to get rid of them. One home insect that really pisses people off is the fruit flies which have become a common house hold problem in recent times. When you are eating something these uninvited bugs will come up and try to spoil everything what you are eating plus the mood you are in. But a good thing is getting rid of these bugs is not as difficult and other pests like cockroaches, lizards, bees etc.

Let us see some of the precautionary measure by which we can stay safe from the fruit flies.

Getting rid of Fruit Flies

  • The best thing you can do to get rid of these fruit flies is by removing the food from your house well the statement does not entails that you should not eat. Eat but after eating the remaining food or fruit should be discarded properly and not to be remained open. Because once you keep the food open in your house fruit flies will come and attack your food.
  • Wash your utensils everyday and stay clean. Yes living a tidy and healthy life is better than making your self vulnerable to these fruit flies. Once you eat something try to discard the remaining stuff properly plus wash the dishes in which you have eaten. Fruit flies possess great olfactory senses and if you have not washed your dishes these will come and eat the tiny bits remaining in your plate.
  • Place the fruits in the refrigerators once you have cleaned them. Yes this is a great thing to do because the bugs cannot resist that freezing temperature of the refrigerator so they would not accompany your fruits to the refrigerators or fridges.
  • If by any chance you cannot put the food in your refrigerator or fridge then at least cover it by some plate or handkerchief. Fruit flies always attack the food which is uncovered and unprotected once you protect the food your food is safe from the fruit flies.
  • Do not put rotten food in your house because it is the best thing you can do to attract fruit flies. As soon as the fruit becomes rotten discard it outside of your home and do not put it in your kitchen areas.
  • Brown bags are available in the market, which are a good way to protect your food especially fruits and the fruits that have hard coverings like oranges, water melons, bananas etc. these are the fruits with harder skins and if you keep them in the brown bags there is ample of surety that your fruit will remain protected.
  • Sometimes you make a juice of some fruit and it gets spilled on the floor of the kitchen or any other area. Make sure you wipe it off from the floor afterwards because that juice will entice fruit flies. Besides this all the other areas of the kitchen should be kept neat and clean because fruit flies rarely blast a house which is clean to the core.
  • Wipe all the remaining fruit particles and crumbs from your cabinets, kitchen sinks, kitchen counters and mantel pieces just after you used them. This will prove handy and your house will remain away from the fruit flies.