How to Get Rid From Flies in Your Yard

Flies are one irritating insects that annoys you not just in your home but wherever they are present. Summer is the prime time when these flies attack on your yard and especially when you are having some parties or barbecue in the summers these yard flies coming into the parties take away the real pleasure of these outdoor parties. So because of these yard flies you try to avoid the outdoor parties and this is absolutely not a good way to tackle these flies.

Let us gaze at some of the main solutions or tactics that could help you tackle the problem of flies.

Getting Rid Of Yard Flies

  1. The first thing you need to do is clean up the things as soon as you are finished with them. Flies are attracted towards the eatables and you need to dispose them off in a proper place. Flies make the clutter on the things they like so need to wipe down everything starting from the food items to the utensils that were being used for the food stud, cover the garbage cans and move all things to a proper place.
  2. Another way to get rid of the yard flies is by making the environment favorable for the insects that feed on flies like Purple Martin, Dirty Daubers and Swallows. The good thing about these insects is that they do not attack humans but completely rely on flies. Dirty daubers sting flies and pull them back towards their nests. These insects are a good source to remove the flies from your yard.
  3. You have become familiar with other insects that feed on these flies but there are some plants whose odor repel the yard flies and do not let them enter into your yard. The plant Marigold is one plant whose scent repels these flies and if there are some flies on your backyard they will leave the area. Put plant marigold in two clear bags of water and place it on the sides of your door or some other area.
  4. To lure the flies there are some tricks that are helpful. One of the tricks is you fill quarter sized empty milk container with ½ syrup and ½ vinegar and poke some fly sized holes in there with the help of a pencil or a pen. Flies will be attracted that thing and will never come out. This is a very reliable and used household trick for the entrapment of flies. This is also very effective.
  5. The last method should be tried when you have tried all the other methods and failed. The last method is by calling a commercial pest control or some pest control authorities. These authorities will send out a guy who will make steps to remove the flies from your backyard. This is a very convenient method for all those who want to save time but it requires some money. These pest controllers will make sure that your backyard is never attacked by the flies.