How To Get Rid From Dog Fleas

Dogs are lovable creatures and undoubtedly the friendliest pet human kind has ever found. Although dogs can come of immense uses but one thing you need to be aware of are the fleas that can attack the dogs. Yes dog fleas are very common in the dogs are they can be transmitted to you too if you do not remain cautious. Fleas can be very unhealthy for dogs and it can cause various diseases in them. If the fleas get transmitted to you then there are chances that you may get the skin diseases from it. So you want to keep your eyes open while taking care of your dog.

There are many methods with which you can get rid of the dog fleas. Here we shall see some of them briefly.

Getting rid of Fleas

  • Fleas never come close the clean dogs but dirty dogs. Yes and it is a fact that the longer you remain dirty the higher are the chances of catching any disease. Same thing applies to the dogs the longer they remain dirty and unhealthy the greater are the chances for them to catch the fleas. So you need to give your bath every day or every second at least. If the dog has fleas then give your dog a bath by wearing gloves or it would be better to wear gloves before giving your dog a bath whether your dog has fleas or not. Use the dog soap and other dog accessories and rinse your dog properly. This is the best way to get rid of the fleas. It not only is a preventive method but it will also remove the already present fleas on the dog.
  • Take good care of your dog’s bedding or his resting areas. If the place where your dog sleeps has fleas then most definitely your dogs will catch the fleas on his fur so you need to clean the area where your dog sleeps or rests. If you have found out that your dogs’ place is infested with fleas, clean it as soon as you can and do not make this late. The use of hot water and the dog soap is recommended for cleaning the area or bedding of your dog.  This will get rid of the dog fleas if there are any present in that area.
  • If the above mentioned methods do not work out then you have the choice of buying the dog medications and then get rid of the fleas. There is a dog flea free shampoo which will get rid of all the fleas from the dog instantly. Then there is a flea dip which will get rid of not just the fleas but the ticks and mites too from the fur of the dog. There are some natural flea remedies too you can make use of like the pouring or application of slat on the dogs’ body will get rid of the fleas. Fleas are allergic to salt so once you pour the salt on the dog fleas will be off from the dog immediately.
  • If you have a puppy and not an adult dog then the use of baking soda or talcum powder can also work. Envelop the body of your pet with the talcum powder and not a single flea will get attached to its fur.