How To Get Rid From Carpenter Ants

Getting rid of the carpenter ants has never been an easy feat for a common man. Either it has been an extremely difficult or relatively difficult but you can always get rid of the carpenter ants by keeping in mind some handy tips. Carpenter ants are normally mistaken for termites although there are differences between termites and carpenter ants. You can see carpenter ants in a lot of places near you.

Let us see some of the methods by which you can get rid of the carpenter ants as soon you see them.

Getting rid of the Carpenter Ants

  • You can get rid of the carpenter ants by spreading the white gravel outside your home and in the places where you feel carpenter ants mostly hover. White gravel is not only good for carpenter ants but some other small insects too. Carpenter ants try to dwell in the places where there is moisture and dampness so this white gravel also helps to absorb the moisture and dampness.
  • To get rid of the carpenter ants you need to go through a complete survey of your house. A complete survey should be conducted in and out of the house so that you can be confirmed about the presence of the carpenter ants and their exact location. If you found a mass of carpenter ants outside your home then it is better to get rid of them with some powerful insecticides like Knox out and make sure you clear everything. If you find any gathering or nest of the carpenter ants outside your home then put some boiling water on it or put a solution which contains insecticide and water. To prevent the entrance of ants inside your home you should keep a check on your wooden products and especially the wooden products which are present in the porch.
  • You cannot block the way of the carpenter ants by any possible means because these ants are so small that they can crawl inside your apartments through the tiniest of gaps in your doors and walls. You cannot cover each gap all the time so you need to kill the carpenter ants. You should use the aerosol insecticide sprays to get rid of the carpenter ants. You can sprinkle the spray in the places where there are large majority of these carpenter ants present. Apart from these aerosol insecticide sprays you can also give the bait of boric acid near the ants and after eating the boric acid these carpenter ants will die in an instant.
  • Another way to kill these carpenter ants is by drilling some holes in the wall where these carpenter ants reside and then spray or dust their places with different ant killers. Ants are normally present during the spring sessions and it is a great way to get rid of them.
  • If you cannot get rid of the ants is any other way then you can always use the facility to call the professional ant killers and they will kill it for you in some time. The only bad thing about calling the professionals is that they ask for some money and this method would not be as economical and feasible as others but it is always the end choice for you.