How To Get Rid From Bed Bugs

Hardly, you will find any pest that is as annoying as these bed bugs which will make your life a living hell if not controlled properly. In the early times bed bugs were so prevalent that these pests were present in every house you go but with the passage of time around in the mid 20th century these bugs got reduced in number. But now these bugs are again stepping up.

The worst thing about these bugs is that thy can be easily transported from place to place the meaning of the statement is that if you go travel to some other city these bed bugs might accompany you with the help of your luggage, clothing or any thing.

Let us see some of the useful ways by which you can get rid of these pesky pests.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

  • Well these are not the normal pests that can be controlled with a single step you need a proper management theory to handle the rapid increase of bed bugs. Different preventive measures should be mixed in a single theory like sanitation, use of chemicals and the exact location of sites where these pests are residing.
  • The perfect exterminator for these bed bugs is none other than the rubbing alcohol. Yes this is a very efficient way to reduce the population of bed bugs in your house. Take the bottle of a rubbing alcohol and locate the location of these bed bugs spray on their areas or rub it with the brush. Rubbing alcohol is very useful in killing the already-not-hatched eggs of these bed bugs.
  • A good way to tackle these bugs is by placing your clothes in a cold area or a hot area. Since your clothes can become infested by these bed bugs you need a proper place to de infest them. Like all the other pests bed bugs cannot tolerate a very high temperature neither a cold temperature. Even a broad sunny day cannot be tolerated by these bugs so put your clothes in some bag in the sun light or in some cold places like freezer or something and these bed bugs will give in. Try to apply this procedure for a long time like for a t least 10 days or two weeks.
  • Well if you do not have a rubbing alcohol at your home then you can always get rid of these bugs with the help of steam. Yes you can find any electric appliance that generates steam or an electric kettle and steam it in all corners of your house or the very places where these bed bugs are most likely to dwell. These bed bugs succumb to steam and this method has been proven very effective.
  • Vacuum cleaner is another electric appliance that is common in every home. Not just it removes dirt from your floor it can also be used to make your home safe from these pests especially the bed bugs. Vacuum all the areas of your house where you feel these bed bugs would be present. Just like the hotness and coldness these bed bugs buckle under the immense pressure of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Keep your house clean all the time and repair all the broken windows or crevices in the walls because these are the areas where bed bugs come from.