How To Get Rid From Ants

Just like all the other pests that come to your house uninvited, ants are the most famous of all and come in greater number as compared to the other pests. But unlike other pests ants do not exactly damage your household items except for food and that is the sole reasons they come out of their homes.

They come to your place just to get the food. Ants do not carry disease like bed bugs or other fleas carry but you need to make sure that your food remains safe from these ants because once they get to your home they are probably not leaving empty handed.

Let us take a look at some of the methods that you need to know in order to keep yourself away from these festering pests.

Getting rid of Ants

  • Arguably the best way to keep yourself safe from these pests is by blocking their way to your home. These are the tiniest creatures and any crack or fissure in your wall or floor or window will make a way for their entrance but you ought to cover all these cracks and fissures. These ants come in the groups so you should know that a single ant does not go out for food but in group. You can see them moving in a herd at your wall or floor. You can barricade their way with the use of chalk.

  • Another useful way by which you can disturb their movement is by the application of those substances or scents that repel ants like vinegar, lemon juice, citrus water, cinnamon oil, back pepper etc. these are some of the things which if you apply on the wall will divert the route of the ants. These substances have been proven very be very effective in the removal of ants from your house.
  • Well if the above methods are coming to no use then there is a foolproof method to get rid of the ants and that is by killing them. Sometimes it becomes inevitable when all the other approaches towards getting rid of these ants become futile but make sure when you are about to kill these ants take the road from killing them in the least harmful way to the most harmful way. Choose the least harmful way because that would be good for the ambiance too.

  • Since ants move in a trail it is suggested that you barricade their movement first and then kill them. Yes stop their movement by the use of any foul scent or chalk and then kill them by either spraying any insecticide on them or by taking a wet sponge and wiping them off from the floor or wall wherever these ants are.
  • Sometimes you need to provide bait for the ants so they can be killed. This has been a very innovative and useful method to get rid of the ants. All you need to do is to make some sugary solution and mix some boric acid/borax into it. This is a very good way to tackle the ants’ problem in your house. Boric acid is a harmful acid for the pests and it affects them in every way externally and internally. Ants will most probably fall for the bait and once they get in close to the poison that is boric acid they will die instantly.