How To Get Rid Of Rust

When interiors or belongings get rusted, it is not the best solution to throw them out. They can be restored to their rust free condition by removing rust from them.  Below we have shared some of the most effective tips and solutions to remove rust from metal.

8 Effective Tips To Remove Rust

Soak in Vinegar

Firstly, white vinegar is used to dissolve it off of the metal. It can be used by soaking the metal in vinegar for a few hours and then rub the rusty paste off.  If the object is too big, pour a layer over the top and leave it for some time to set off.

Lime and Salt

download (2)Another option is to try lime and salt. Sprinkle salt over rusted area so that it is coated thoroughly and juice the lime over the top. Use more juice as possible.

Baking Soda

Moreover, make a paste using baking soda with water until it is thick enough to spread on the metal. Give it some time and then scrub them off. Use a toothbrush to scrub off the baking soda and rinse with water.

Potato + Dish Wash

Try to use potato and dish wash soap. It can be used by cutting the potato into half and dip the cut end in dish wash soap. This works as a chemical reaction with the rust, which makes it easy to remove.

Chemical Removers

Another solution is to use a chemical remover . these are easily available in the market that can be purchased to help dissolve rust. This is because these are made up of phosphoric acid and can be harmful to bare skin. Remember to take precautions when using chemicals.