How To Get Rid Of Deer

Deer are endearing when seen in zoos but not when they graze on your field and destroy all your crops in your backyard.

While travelling within the dense forests, you often see herd of deer crossing the road. This often reminds you of the jungle boy living with all animals where deer is also a part of it. They are untamable and may become a nuisance creator in your yard. If you seriously want to get rid of deer here are some steps.


Get Rid of Deer:

1) Fencing your backyard can play an important role in limiting the entry of deer. But make sure that the fence has a strong base dug some feet underground and standing tall as 8-10 feet high. Deer are smart jumpers; they can easily break these barriers. To ensure better fencing, you can double up the fence at a distance of 4-5 feet so that they may feel it as a trap.

2) If you find that the deer has found some way in getting into your farm, you can take advantage of the predator fear by spreading human hair or dog hair, else blood meat, feather meal etc. This is because the deer are herbivores and they usually get a fear of a predator nearby when they smell such things. You can also use rotten eggs around the incoming areas to get rid of them.

3) If you have an agricultural field, try putting scare crows to get rid of them. You can plant less attracting plants like long grasses around your essential crops so that they don’t get any chance to have a look what’s behind those tall grasses.

4) Scare deer using flashing lights and noises. You can hang foil like aluminum foil from the tree trunks as many as you can and with the blowing wind, these will flash and produce crackling noises. Seeing this they will run away.

5) Electronic deer repellants can be used as these are motion controlled detectors that produce bright lights and noises too to repel them.

6) You can grow plants that deer don’t like around your essential plants to devour them. You can grow hairy, thorny, aromatic plants like poppies, daffodil, foxgloves etc.

7) Always use netted fencing around your newly growing plants to protect them from grazing animals.

8) You can keep a guardian for your garden like your pet dog that can be a watchdog to get rid of deer anytime.

If deer gets hungry, they can eat almost everything. So, your prime concern should be to choose plants to grow in a cost effective manner and less time consuming.