How To Get Rid From Chipmunks

You must have gotten through a lot of methods to get rid from rats, mice and squirrels but there is one such rodent which is not as famous like the others but it still can cause a lot of disturbance at your home. That rodent is the chipmunk. Chipmunks are closely related to the squirrels and they can be placed in their family for the reasons that they are omnivores and scavengers.

Chipmunks like other rodents feed on the decaying matter, some useless meat, different bugs, seeds and anything they find on their way. Normally chipmunks are not quite harmful for the humankind and they are considered beneficial in a lot of ways. Like their good habit they have bad habits too e.g. chipmunks eat bird seeds and they try to remain in the areas where they ought not to be present.

There are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of the chipmunks. Following are some of those methods you can do to get rid of the chipmunks.

Getting rid of Chipmunks

  • To keep down the bad effect of chipmunks a good way is by changing their habitat. Yes this is not as easy as it seems but it is extremely effective in getting rid of the chipmunks. You need to clean your yard and make sure that there does not remain any useless material on which chipmunk can feed or take shelter. Clear up everything from the yard and get rid of all the worn out leaves and other decaying matter. The grass of your yard should be low and at least it should be trimmed to a level that chipmunks cannot make their shelter from it. Most of the times the grass becomes too elevated that chipmunk make burrow and get settled in there.
  • Blocking their entrance is a great way to get rid of the chipmunks. This is a common way to get rid of almost every rodent. But in the case of chipmunks makes sure you cease their activity or cease their entrance with the help of hardware cloth. Wherever you see a large population of chipmunks then seal those areas with hardware cloth otherwise these chipmunks will start residing in those places. The activity of chipmunks from one place to another can only be ceased with this method.
  • Like other rodent repellents chipmunk repellents are also a good thing to consider although the use of repellents is not as efficient as some may think still they are not bad and can be used every once in a while. Repellents are not good in a way because some of the rodents become accustomed to the odor of the repellents and the repellents in turn do not work the way it should. Yet there are some powerful repellents that can block the entry of any rodent and the use of such repellents should be encouraged in order to get rid of the chipmunks.
  • You can also use the method of trapping the chipmunks but this should only be applied when the population of chipmunk is not as high. This method does not work when the population of chipmunk is so large almost uncontrollable.