How To Get Rid Of Birds

Birds are beautiful but seem to be annoying when they come to attack on our houses. In order to overcome the birds, here are some tips for you to follow:

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Getting Rid of Birds

  • At first, use anti roosting¬† spike strip; that can be attached to just about any place that a bird might want to perch on like roofs of the houses.
  • Use strings from one end to another spot where birds seem to like roost.
  • Try to spice up the things a bit as it will make sure all the birds that are nesting in your house will run away. Use cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pepper on the places where they usually roost.
  • Another solution is to block off entries. Prevent them from entering into your house by covering attics and soffits properly. Fill in large openings and doors with heavy door curtains of plastic strips to discourage entering.
  • Tuck netting under places where birds are most likely to nest.
  • Reduce the population by considering birth control for birds.
  • Avoid feeding birds under any circumstances. Do not make your home an area of food supply to them as they are attracted to those places where they are more likely to find food sources. Never feed them or allow bird feeders to stay on your property.
  • Do not leave pet foods outside the house as it is another source of food that most of the birds like pigeons are attracted to.
  • Scare the birds by hosing water on them. This would make them scared of re entering in your house and they will prevent it. Spray them consistently so that every time they enter, they hesitate.
  • You may even use reflective features. Install noisy devices, reflective tape, or foil balloons which will scare the birds. This would also help you to prevent them from entering in your area.
  • Try scaring them with a bang by buying some party snaps so where ever they land, the snaps explode. They are harmless and safe around children.
  • You may use predator birds to frighten off the small birds. You may also install a statue in the area to avoid them from entering.
  • You may also contact a professional if the situation worsens. This will probably help you out.
  • Understand that using chemicals with birds can be dangerous so never poison them as it may cause you problems because of the authority and laws.
  • Hang long pieces of aluminum foil where birds are mostly found.
  • Trap the birds using cage and transport them far away from your home.
  • If you are willing to use chemicals than use bird X¬† as it is non toxic and does not harm the environment at all.
  • Get rid of all standing water in buckets, containers or birdbaths so that birds are no more attracted towards your area.

Try to use one of these methods instead of poisoning or shooting birds as they are a part of nature and a living creature and make our environment mote beautiful.

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