How to Get Rid From Tree Stumps

Usually people don’t cut the tree stumps after cutting down the tree which creates a lot of hassle for the owner. Tree stumps should be cut down when you plan to bring down a tree. Normally the tree stumps decay itself over a period of time and does not need any cutting but usually the tree stumps persist and do not decay.

In that condition you need to get rid of them by proper procedures. Tree stumps are present in your gardens, backyards or orchards and will cause problems for you whenever you want to mow your lawn. Sometimes you may stumble down from a tree stump and sometimes the tree stumps occupy and unwanted space in your garden.


There are lots of ways to get rid of the tree stumps. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Getting rid of the tree stumps

  • One of the most easiest and speedy ways to get rid of the tree stumps is by implanting nitrogen in the tree stumps because it improves the decay process of the tree stumps. There are numerous nitrogen sources available in the market which you can use to get rid of the tree stumps. The famous source is potassium nitrate as it helps the natural decaying process of the tree stumps. You need to drill a hole inside the soil and instill the potassium nitrate inside the soil. The hole should not be very big but it should not be very shallow either as you need the proper hole so that the potassium nitrate can reach the roots of the stumps and start the decaying process. This is the most famous method to remove the useless tree stumps and many people are opting out for it these day.
  • Another method to get rid of the tree stumps is by removing it altogether. This is a good method if the tree stump present in your backyard is not of very large size. If the tree stump is small then you and remove it by using proper tools like shovels, diggers etc. You need to remove the roots and everything associated with the stumps to get rid of it. If the tree stump is large then removing it is not advised because it creates a lot of trouble for the owner but if the tree stump is small then you can definitely remove the stump completely.
  • You can buy the stump grinders from markets. Grinding a stump is a relatively common method and people use it. You don’t have to buy a stump grinder when you can take it for rent from some shop. The stump grinders do not completely remove the stump but they just cut it to a reasonable size. This is not a bad option when you don’t want to cut the stump completely.
  • Some people pull out the stump from the garden if it is grown too big. The normal is 12 inches. If the stump is more than 12 inches then you can remove it with the help of a tractor.