How To Get Rid From Smoke Smell

Smell of whatever kind if it does not please your olfactory sense it means it is not healthy or good. One such smell is the smoke smell which is not only unpleasant but unhealthy too. Unpleasant because someone who has the normal olfactory sense would totally abhor the smell of smoke and unhealthy because it can be a cause of variety of lung related diseases like emphysema, bronchitis or even lung cancer.

So you should be very aware of the smoke smell whether the smoke is coming from something burning or the smoke of the factories or even the smoke smell of the cigarette, you should be very cautious about it and get rid of it as soon as you can.

There are a lot of different methods by which you can get rid of the smoke smell. Let us take a look at some of them briefly.

Getting rid of the Smoke Smell

  • The best way to get rid of the smoke smell is by the application of vinegar. Normally the smoke smell is emitted from the tars, ashes or some leftovers on any surface. So you need to clean that surface with the vinegar of you want to get rid of the vinegar completely. There are some type of fabrics that gets damaged if the vinegar is used on those but there are some fabrics that can be cleaned with the vinegar so first make sure that the type of fabric you have can sustain the action of vinegar.
  • If your carpet is emitting the smoke smell then you have got some options you can make use of. Either you can give the carpet to the carpet cleaners in your market or hire a professional to do the carpet cleaning for you. Or in other case you can clean the carpet by yourself with the help of a shampoo. Shampooing the carpet by yourself is better because you can do a lot of work in a small amount of time and it will cost you less money.
  • There are some other things you can do to get rid of the smoke smell from the surfaces. You can use the baking soda and clean the surfaces. Although it is not as feasible as the usage of vinegar still if you do not have other options then this is not a bad option. There are scented baking sodas available in the market you can use. The procedure of application of baking soda is not very difficult either. Apply the baking soda on the affected surface and leave it as it is for a day and then clean it with a paper or cloth. Baking soda can be applied on the carpets as well. The procedure is the same as told earlier except that it would be better if you shampoo the carpet afterwards.
  • Make sure that you do not forget to wipe off the smoke smell from the surfaces or clothes that are secondary like shades and curtains. These accessories should be cleaned completely if you want a complete removal of the smoke odor from your home.