How To Get Rid Of Garlic Smell

Garlic is a delicious ingredient that we add to food to enhance the taste of many dishes we prepare, but it affects our breath. Garlic emanates a sulphuric odour, which can persist about 72 hours, and it is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, it gives a bad breadth when you talk to other people. It may prevent you from associating with other people. You can use several methods to get rid of garlic smell.

Rinse your mouth properly to get rid of garlic smell. Tiny garlic particles that remain in your mouth after you eat them cause bad breadth; therefore, when you rinse your mouth, you eliminate the smell. It is the easiest way to remover garlic smell. However, it does not completely remove odour from mouth.

How to Get Rid of Garlic Smell

Bite some mustard to remove the garlic smell from your mouth. Take some mustard and chew them and retain them for few minutes in your mouth and spit it. Mustard help to eliminate the bad garlic smell from your mouth. After that, bite some musters and swell it so that it goes down your stomach removing smell.

Eat minty food to remove garlic smell from your mouth. Take a chewing gum with mint taste, which can reduce garlic small from your mouth. Many people eat peppermint to remove small from mouth when they happen to eat garlic, but it is a temporary measure. However, if you eat a strong one, it gives you a better result.

Eat garlic with other vegetable. When you eat a lot of vegetable such as mashed potatoes, mushroom and carrot when you eat garlic, it reduces garlic smell. As garlic mix with the vegetable, bad smell it emanates gradually disappears. Bread also reduces garlic smell. . When you eat garlic next time eat them with a slice of bread to remove garlic smell from your breadth.

Eating chew gum is one of the easiest ways to remove garlic smell from your mouth. When you eat garlic, take a chew gum. Eating chew gum increase saliva in your mouth. Salvia in your mouth helps you to remove bad small from mouth. Chewing gum with cinnamon is a better choice.

Drink more water or lemonade to eliminate garlic odour. When you take more fluid, which flush your mouth, and it removes tiny garlic particles that give a bad breadth. So make it a habit to drink water after eating garlic.

Brush your teeth to eliminate garlic smell. You can brush your teeth after taking garlic meal to remove garlic smell. When you brush your teeth, it removes small garlic particles and cleans your mouth. At the same time your breadth will give you a similar to the toothpaste you use.

Use mouth wash to overcome garlic smell. When you wash you moth with a mouth wash, it removes bad smell from mouth and gives a fresh breath to your.

Use a tongue cleaner. Tyne garlic particles get stuck in your tongue when you eat them, therefore, if you clean your tongue after meal, it remove them and reduce the bad smell.

Garlic is a excellent ingredient that we add to our food. It has several health benefits. However, it gives bad small that many people dislike. Therefore, if your follow above mentioned methods you can eliminate the bad garlic odour from your breadth while enjoying it health benefits.