How To Get Rid From Dog Smell

This article is solely for the dog owners who have grown tired of their dogs’ smell. Yes dogs smell is as foul as anything and it can get extremely bad if you do not pay any attention to it. Since you are living with the dog then morally you also should start living with the dog smell. Some dog owners do not really notice the smell of their dog because they have become accustomed to it while with the other the case is pretty different. Not everyone has got the same type of olfactory senses but the dog smell can be really bad if you do not take any notice of it.

There are quite a number of things that can contribute to the dog smell. Sometimes your pet is suffering from an allergy and that could cause the dog smell and sometimes there is a high chance of oily skin of your dog which is effusing out the smell, this is the case with the Labradors. So there can be multiple of reasons for the smell of your dog the thing we need to make sure off is how to get rid of it.

Following are some of the pragmatic tips you can make use off to get rid of the smell of your dog.

Getting rid of the Dog Smell

  • The foremost thing you need to make sure is the cleanliness of your dog. Wash your dog every day and properly. Before you wash your dog gave a thorough check. Sometimes there are chances that your dog might be suffering from some allergy and then there are chances that your dog has got the poop stuck in his fur. Make sure you check your dog properly then wash him. Wash him with the dog soap and clean his feet, trunk region everything.
  • Dry the dog after washing reason being that there are a lot of bacteria that thrives on the wet surfaces of the dog and is the prime source of foul odor of the dog. So in order to get rid of the bacteria you need to dry the dog after giving him a bath. Take the towel and dry the dog as much as you can wipe every region of the dog’s body so that no region remains wet.
  • After performing the above two procedures treat the breath of the dog. Yes that is a main source of bad odor. Sometimes the breath of the dog is so bad that your whole home becomes a stink bomb. If you have found out that the breath of your dog is found then start the dog on oral hygiene. Brush the teeth of your dog every once in a while to make sure that his breath remains clean and tidy.
  • Healthy diet is necessary for not only just human beings but for the dogs too so give a healthy diet to your dog so that the pooch of your dog is healthy too. If your diet is not clean, hygienic and healthy then there are quite a number of chances that your dog will not have a healthy smell.