How To Get Rid From Musty Smell

There are different types of smell that your olfactory sense cannot tolerate and one such smell is the musty smell which is stale, dusty and moth eaten. If you can feel the musty smell in your house then it is not a good sign because musty smell is caused due to some decay.

It can be due to your uncleanliness habits and you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Most people do not recognize the musty smell once they start ignoring it and start living with it. On the other hand people who are clean and tidy do not like this smell at all and try to get rid of it as soon as they can.

There are quite a number of methods by which you can get rid of this musty smell. Let us take a look at some of them.

Get rid of Musty Smell

  • The first thing you need to do is find the source through which that musty smell is coming. Yes that is imperative for you to recognize that thing which is decaying and pouring out the musty smell. Most of the instances musty smell is due to the growth of the mold in your house. Mold tends to grow in the damp places or the humid places so make sure you properly check your bathroom area, kitchen and your laundry area because these are the best places for mold to grow. Sometimes molds grow on the pipes or with the pipes. Sometimes mold tend to leak your pipes. There are some other places where molds grow e.g. behind the curtains, walls and in the attic. Be sure that you check each and every place thoroughly.
  • As we have discussed that the musty smell is normally emitted out by the mold so you need to throw away/clean everything which is associated with molds. Obviously you do not have to throw away the walls and curtains but make sure you clean them properly and dry them so that mold does not grow. If the places where moisture is present mold has grown and there are no chances except to throw that things away then you have to throw those things.
  • Clean all the places where you feel mole spores are present or where you can see the mole spores. Vacuum the place where molds spores are present. Clean the whole area and get rid of all the spores.  Kill all the spores that are left behind and this is very essential because there are handy chances that the remaining spores start emitting out the musty smell which will linger in your whole house for some time.
  • Be sure that you remove all the sources that are related to dampness. Remove the things or materials that are damaged by the molds and dry all the rest of the tings if they are damp because molds will grow again on those things if you do not dry them and they will cause a musty smell. Be cautious in your approach and stay clean which should be your main focus.