How to Get Rid From Musty Smell in a House

No one would like their house to give off a musty smell. It tells you a lot about the person and no one likes to be taken negatively or be considered unhygienic. A person’s house says a lot about a person and this is why it is taken so seriously.

There are many different reasons as to why a musty smell can exist in a house; it can be a leakage in some pipe, a rundown wall, dusty areas in your house including furniture and carpets and rugs that have not been washed and cleaned in some time. Whatever the reason may be, we will provide you with some helpful tips on how to get rid of musty smell in a house.

Some Helpful Tips

The very first thing we will take into account is vinegar because of its strong acidity features which is ample to kill off any fungi. Any organisms that are causing the pungent smell will surely remove any smell that exists along with these organisms.

Lemon solutions can also be used, which is very similar to vinegar. The high acidity content of this solution will also wipe out any fungi or mold that may exist in different parts of your household. Just mix some natural lemon juice with water and use it as a cleaning solution. Once you use this, the musty smell in a house will be a long, gone memory.

Baking soda has also been thought to be an effective solution. By spreading baking soda on a moldy or smelly area will wipe out any mold or fungi that exist. The powdery feature of this solution will absorb the scent and this mean that using an significant amount will surely have you make the odor completely disappear.

Air freshener is another way to get rid of musty smell in a house but this really isn’t all that permanent. Many people use this to get rid of any odor that exists in their house. Most air fresheners have a great fragrance and they come cheap too. No one wonder people opt for this over and above anything else that is available to them.

The best way to get rid of musty smell in a house is by using these products together and with one another. Use different products in different areas of your house by thinking over what solution best fits where.