How To Get Rid From Mildew Odor

Mildew odor is one of the most nauseating odors you will ever smell and once you smell it you will need to rid of it as soon as you can. Mildew odor is basically the odor of the mold which can grow anywhere at your home but mostly it grows in the moist and damp places.

Places that are more humid are more prone to get the mold as compared to the dry places. So in your home there are plenty of chances that you will grow the mold or suffer from mildew odor at your basements in your terraces where there is water in your bathrooms and in your kitchens. These will be the more hard hitting areas for mold growth than others. There are some chances of getting the mold in some too so when mold grows it brings along with it the mildew odor.

We have got a lot of different innovative methods and techniques to get over with this mildew odor thing. Let us see some of those methods in briefly.

Getting rid of Mildew odor

  • Closed areas like basements are most affected with the mildew odors and you need to go through proper precautionary measures to deal with it. The best thing you can do to get rid of the mildew odor in these areas by cleaning things up. Yes clean all the things up. Throw away the things that are most affected by the mold and there are no chances of setting them right. The things that you need or that are least affected by the mold or mildew odor should be kept in the open air under the sun for at least two days.  For washing the walls and floor you can use some chemicals like bleach and the detergent powder. Rub the walls and floors and doors. Do not miss anything because if you leave out any mold spore there are chances that the mold will grow again and so will be the mildew odor.
  • You may also have noticed that the mildew odor also gets on the clothes so you need to wash the clothes too with the detergent or the regular washing soap and put the clothes in the air. The clothes which are affected with the mildew odor needs more air then the other normal clothes. There are clothes which are delicate or made up of some weak fragile fabric make sure if the mildew odor affects these clothes you do not try washing these clothes because you may damage them. Try giving these clothes to some professional.
  • Sometimes or most of the times mildew odors gets trapped in the carpets which have got moisture in it. Try washing these carpets first or even if you put these carpets in the air if the carpets are mildly affected by the mildew, it will work. If the mildew odor is huge and you can get rid of it by yourself then it is better to have your carpets cleaned by some professional or there are a lot of carpet cleaning companies these days.