How to Get Rid From Cat Urine Odors

Just like other foul smells the cat urine odor is also something that lasts for much long and is very unhealthy and irritating for every human. The bad thing about it is when the cat urine happens to get on some cloth or any material you have, it does not get off very easily and the smell proliferates like anything. You need to be very careful with that because sometimes you don’t notice that your backpack or anything has been affected with cat urine until the smell starts coming off from it.

Let us see some of the methods by which you can get rid of the cat urine odors.

Getting Rid Of the Cat Urine Odors

  1. The litter box in which a cat pee should be kept clean. If not everyday then at least try to clean it up after every two days or so because when the litter box is not clean cat can pee anywhere in the house. Cats are picky creatures and once they find that their litter box is not as clean as they want they will totally leak out their pee anywhere they like.
  2. Cats are choosy and they would want to pee anywhere they want. Sometimes even if there litter box is clean they would pee anywhere else. This is definitely not a good habit but it is a habit. Cats will utilize a new place for pee until that place starts spreading out foul smell.
  3. Laundry is another way to remove cat urine odor. You just have to put the affected clothes in the washer and spin the washer for sometime. Try not to put any other clothes in the washer and if you want to wash some other clothes then drain all the water from the washing machine and then wash the machine from clean and pure water. But before you wash you need to keep one thing in mind the clothes which emit cat urine smell cannot be washed with a simple detergent or the smell just does not go away you need to mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with a normal laundry detergent in order to see the effect.
  4. If the cat urine is present on the tiles or on the floor of your house then thee is a controversial method that can be made use off. You need to wash your surface or floor with the bleach but there is one problem that bleach contains ammonia and ammonia might react with the floor and cause its destruction or it the floor may erode out.First wash the surface with clean water and some floor washing detergent. After you have washed the floor with some detergent and water, wash the surface with the bleach and the ratio of water to bleach should be maintained 10:1. This is a great method to be employed and it surely works. This method can also be applied on the walls of your house which are affected by the cat urine.

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