How to Get Your Dog To Swallow a Pill

Dogs may eat anything which comes their way but usually the dogs opt for protein stuff. Dog is called the man’s best friend probably due to his mental abilities. If you have a dog at your house it is very likely that he will co operate with you in all the matters related to your living except for the pill which you want him to take but he would not due to his own reasons.

Dogs may become very choosy with the passage of time but if you care them properly and notice about their habits then you can easily handle them without any trouble.


Let us see some of the useful ways by which you can get your dog to swallow the pill.

Getting your dog to swallow the pill

  • Obviously when you show the dog the pill you want him to swallow would not work. So you need to hide the pill in the dog food and let him eat that. This is a very cool trick because it will make your work pretty easier. Normally the dogs do not realize that the pill is present in their food and they eat the food with the pill inside. Pill is essential for any dog to remain healthy. Most of the people who have pet dogs at their house go for this trick.
  • You can shove the pill in the meatballs or you can even roll the pill down in the cheese balls which you are going to give your dog. The choice is yours but make sure you hide the pill even if you have to chunk the pill down into pieces then do but do not let it exposed because if the pill remains exposed then the dog will know about it and your trick won’t work.
  • Then there is another way which you can perform and that is by opening the mouth of your dog and you yourself are going to put the pill inside his mouth or to be precise at the back of his mouth. Make sure that your dog swallow the pill and then you let him leave. After putting the pill inside his mouth close the mouth of the dog and see if he has swallowed the pill or not. Since this is your pet dog and he would not bite you but if you think your dog has a tendency to bite whenever you apply some force on him then you should go for the method number one we have discussed before.
  • You can give another trick to your dog. Prepare the dogs food and make sure that your dog is watching you preparing his food then gently and intentionally drop the food onto the floor along with the pill you want him to swallow. If the dog is not intelligent enough he will swallow the food without even sniffing it up. This is a very common house trick to let the dog swallow the pill.