How To Get Rid Of Toothache

Toothache is a suffering from moderate to intense pain of tooth. To get over it as fast as possible, there are certain treatments. There are times when there is a need of professional dentists. On the other hand, there are home remedies to cure the toothache.

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Getting rid of Toothache

  • Firstly, remove food particles that are trapped in between the teeth. A dental floss is to be used to carefully remove any food particle that is between the two teeth where it is aching. Once it has been done, the mouth should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water to lose any particles.
  • ┬áSecondly, chewing on the painful side should be avoided until the pain has ended. So, the best thing is to choose on the other side. The exposed holes should be covered to avoid pain. There is dental wax or chewing gum that can be used to cover the damaged or cracked teeth. Dental wax could be done by having an appointment with the dentist.
  • Then, pain relief medication can be taken. Do make sure to take the best dosage according to the prescribed dose on the label. Usually pain killers can be taken twice or thrice a day. It is not important that all the medication are similar in dosage as they vary from brand to brand.
  • Even topical pain methods are helpful to cover the tooth that is causing pain. It is very important to put the medicine on the damaged tissue as it may cause more pain due to burning.
  • Moreover, a very easy treatment is to wrap an ice cube in a plastic bag or a thin cotton cloth to apply it on the gum so as to feel relaxed and relief from pain. This is so because cold temperature reduces the flow of blood towards that area which reduces swelling and pain.
  • Another treatment is using of cloves which have natural numbing effect and help in killing bacteria. Whole cloves, ground cloves or clove oil can be used to reduce pain.
  • Then, salt water is helpful as well. salt helps to remove bacteria from the tooth and soothing that area. To combine water with salt, us 1 tsp of salt with 8 oz of warm water. This solution is used to rinse with for about 30 seconds.
  • At times, garlic and onions prove to be a best solution. These are traditional remedies for toothache and are considered to have anti bacterial properties that kill germs in the mouth. A piece of one of these vegetables between the infected area helps to release pain.
  • Moreover, a bayberry paste is helpful when combined with vinegar and formed into a paste, helps to cut down on ache. It also strengthens the gum.
  • For sensitive tooth, form a paste of ginger and cayenne pepper to apply on the tooth that has been aching to relieve pain.
  • Another solution is to apply a wet tea bag on the area that is being paining.

If these solutions do not end up to relieve pain, then the best treatment is to have an appointment with the dentist.

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