How To Get Rid From Static

While wearing sweater or any other fibrous garment you must have observed the transferring of electricity. This is the static charges that get transferred. Our human body is a hub of static charges and we conduct electricity that is why there are times, when a person touches another person electricity is transferred in a small amount of form.

This is not harmful or it does not cause you any long term damage but a sudden itch or shrill is uncomfortable for every one so this static electricity can be avoided if you are grounded but you cannot remain grounded all the time to avoid it. Static keeps getting on generating on ourselves all the time and you need to get rid of as soon as you can.

Let us talk about some of the useful methods by which you can get rid of the static.

Getting rid of Static

  • The best thing to get rid of static charges from not just your selves but from every other object in your home too is by the use of humidifier. Whenever you increase the humidity of your home chances are that the objects that hold the static charges will decrease the hold on static charges. The air will become more humidified and it will be become more conductive. There are different humidifiers available in the market. Vaporizer humidifier is the best of all because it is good for the bacteria and mold too.
  • There are a lot of clothing materials that lose electrons and become positively charges like wool, silk, nylon etc. and then there are some things that can gain electrons and can carry positive charge like Teflon, silicon, gold, brass etc. Cotton is the best thing to wear because it is neutral and it does not carry any charge. You would not get a small shock when you wear cotton but if you wear some furry material like sweater or anything then there are chances that you can get a shock.
  • Wear shoes that have some decent conductivity like rubber or plastic. There are quite a number of shoes that do not conduct electricity and it work as the insulators like the shoes made from glass or paper. It would be better for you to use the shoes that are made up from the polymers of rubber as compared to the other shoes. Shoes made from fur have high chances of giving you the static charges than the other shoes.
  • If you have pets than it is highly likely that they may be conducting the static charges or when their fur is erect then it indicates the presence of static charges due to the dryness of the air. First thing you can do to straighten things up is by the addition of the humidifier to increase the humidity of your house. If you do not like the option of the humidifier than you can spray the fur of your pet with water so that it will become more conductive and there will remain no static charges.