How To Get Rid of Snails

Like all the other mollusks, snails are one nauseating creatures that can make your life completely miserable. Usually snails dwell on the aquatic environments especially the snail that lives nearby water and those snails are not as bad for the human kind as the garden snails. Garden snails are found in chunks at your gardens, orchards and porches. Snails are also called as slugs but there is a slight difference between snails and slugs and that is that the slugs have got no shells on their surfaces and on the other hand the garden snails have got shells on their surfaces. The main problem with the snails is that the breed in great number and it is quite difficult to control their reproduction, when they start reproducing they go on and on in a single month. They only need a month to reproduce as much as they can.


There are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of the snails. Let us see some of the good ways.

Getting rid of the snails

  • You need to prevent the entry of snails at your home garden and that can only be done by putting in the stuff that repels snails like the tree barks and egg shells etc. snails have got a lot of mucous on their outer most surface and when they get in contact with this rough stuff their outer most surface usually gets teared up and snail dehydrates and die. Their mucous membrane is very essential for their survival so when it is gone you can say that the survival of snail is also gone.
  • Although many snake killer professionals do not recommend poisons but you can try it nonetheless. There are poisons in the market that not only kill the snails but also damage your garden so you should not be using such poisons. There is a poison that only kills the snail and it is usually made from iron phosphate. You can use this poison to get rid of the snake.
  • Recently it has been found out that caffeine works as a poison and it can be used to kill the snakes.  Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and it increases the heart rate. When it is applied on the snails it increases their heart rates and kills them by heart attack. This technique has become quite popular in Hawaii where the snail population is quite great in number.
  • The natural way to kill the snails is by removing them from their most favorite habitat or removing most favorite habitat from them. Snails like to live in the shady and moist environment. So you need to take away all the rotten material that from your garden that has been the main source of the survival of snails. Once you take away that specific material snails will be diverted to some other place from your garden. And if not then they will die gradually.
  • You can also let the population of frogs and toads in your garden to thrive because these creatures love to eat snails.