How To Get Rid Of Your Ex

We all have relationships at some point in our lives and often at times we have to break off these relationships too, but it all depends upon the other person as well. Though some people might mope about after a break up for a short while, there are few who are just not willing to let go of you. Such people are termed as obsessive.

These obsessive people then make our lives a living hell by calling at odd times, by pestering us to meet them or keep in touch with them. If you are married to someone else besides your ex, you might also fear that they would spoil your new relationship. Whatever the reason, it’s just not fair to be pestered by your past. Follow these steps to get rid of a bothersome ex.

rid of ex

• Tell them clearly that you don’t like being pestered, there’s nothing like a hard truth being told plain in the face. The more you beat about the bush, the more you will be pestered. It is often advisable to nip the evil in the bud only.

• You can also try ignoring your ex’s calls instead of being all nice and understanding, simply make sure to avoid picking up their calls. Or if they meet you in a restraint make sure to turn your back on them. You never know that they might be stalking you. Once you clarify this, half your troubles would be over.

• If your ex is crazy enough to show up at your doorstep regardless of all the previous things that you have done, the best thing to do is not open the door at all. By this time it must become clear to you that this person is truly obsessive and the less you tangle with them, the better it would be for everyone.

• Another thing is to update your relationship ship status on face book, if you have broken off be sure to mention it as soon as possible by adding single ready to mingle, or if you are already in a relationship, try flaunting that as well. This will send a loud and clear message to your pesky ex that you are just not interested in him or her anymore.

• Also make sure that you make it clear to all your past mutual friends that you are no longer interested in this person and ask them not to favor him or her in front of you. If they don’t understand your point of view try breaking off from them as well. Sometimes a clean break is all it takes to get rid of that someone who you don’t want in your life any longer.

• If things seem to be getting out of hand and you feel that more and more pressure is being put on you to talk to that looser, the final resort may be going to the police, as you never know what you might have to come across.