How To Get Rid From Silver fish

In your home where there is a lot of moisture and the water keeps standing you would see some fish like movements do not to be afraid these are the silver fish and you should get rid of them because these fish like creatures (these are not actually fish but fish like due to their movements) can cause some serious disturbances with your health if you do not get rid of them. Not only your health but these silver fish can destroy your tapestries, textiles, fabrics, books and other household items.

Silver fish can be very annoying if you do not deal with them properly and if you want to remain on the safe side get rid of the silverfish as soon as you can. There are many different tips and tricks with which you can get rid of the silver fish. Let us discuss some of them.

Getting rid of the Silver Fish

  • In order to get rid of the silver fish you need to know that the creature you are dealing with is silver fish and nothing else. Sometimes people mistake the firebrats for silver fish. Silver fish are normally grayish and greenish in color and you should make sure that these silver fish are found in the humid places. Silver fish are normally found in the bathrooms or kitchen sinks or near your porch or attics so first you need to find their places where these silver fish are actually hiding out. Silver fish can also be found in the book shelves and deep down your cupboards or closets. Remember these are the places where the humidity level is relatively higher than other places at your home.
  • Silver fish thrive on humidity so you need to control the humidity by using the humidifiers or dessicants. Another way to control or reduce the humidity is by covering the leaking places of your home. There must be some crevices or fissures in the walls of your bathrooms or leakage pipes. Try covering those areas because these areas are the main things you need to cover if you want to control the scourge of silver fish.
  • Silverfish feeds on food especially starches so you should make sure that you protect your food items and cover them. Food items need not to be kept open because these silverfish attacks every food item that comes their way. Some other things that are hot favorite for silver fish are cereals, fabrics, wallpapers, pastes, glues.
  • If you want to kill the silver fish then you need to go for the poisons like borax or insecticidal dusts. Make sure that you do everything right and do not go wrong with these poisons. Sprinkle or apply these poisons in the areas where the population of the silver fish is high or in the cracks or fissures of the walls or in kitchen sinks and tubs.
  • If the silver fish are present in your book shelf and you are worrying about your books then cover the books in some bag. You can also get rid of the silver fish present on your books by placing your books in the freezer.