How To Get Rid From Hornets

Hornets can be extremely pestering once they get to your home and build a place to live for themselves. Just like the wasps and other insects these hornets have the ability to sting and cause you trouble if you do not take proper measures to get rid of them. Hornets sting and sting real bad and they can sting anywhere on the skin of the humans. Hornets usually happen to reside in the nook and corners of your homes and they build a proper nest or themselves once they traverse your home.

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Just like the methods that have been described to get rid of wasps and yellow jackets and other insects, hornets too can be rid of if you apply the methods properly and sensibly.

Getting rid of the hornets

  • You need to be very cautious whenever you move around in your home because these hornets can come from anywhere and attack you. These hornets have the stinging ability and they sting real bad and you will feel the pain for a couple of days to say the least. So you need to be safe first before you make other methods to get rid of the hornets.
  • Make sure you locate the nest first before you can move on to other methods. Hornets are usually present in the corners of your home or near the walls. The most livable places for hornets to reside are near the walls, under the attics and roofs, at the top corner of your doors and their nest is lump of white fibrous material or paper type material.
  • Now as you have located the nest you can proceed to the other methods that includes killing of the hornets. If the hornets’ nest is not far from your reach then you can bag the entire nest. The procedure is pretty simple. First cover yourself from head to toe with a cloak or anything. Cover your hands with plastic gloves and make sure you can see properly. Now take a plastic bag and a wiper or any stick long with which you can dismantle the nest from its place. Once you have dismantled it place the nest in the bag sand throw it away somewhere far from your home. This is a very popular method to get rid of the hornets because you are actually getting rid of the entire population of the hornets.
  • You can also use the insecticides and directly spray it on the nest of the hornets. Insecticide is usually a solution containing borax or anything which serves as a poison and kills the hornets at the very instant. You should buy the insecticide sprays from the market. The insecticides are present in different prices and you can buy the cheapest one as every insecticide has almost the same constituents and they all perform the same function.
  • Keep this is mind that if you spray at the nests during evening or at the dawn it will prove to be more effective for you. You can also spray the nests during night because it will be a good time as the hornets will be sleeping during night.