How To Get Rid From Garden Moles

Moles like all the other rodents of the world can cause more harm than good to the mankind. Garden moles are as the name indicates found usually at the gardens under the soil at times. You can see their presence when you notice the uprooting of the soil or the small heaps of the soil. These garden moles can be beneficial in a way as they aerate the air and make the soil more favorable for the growth of crops and vegetables but the excess of the garden moles can damage the soil. They uproot the soil and make interfere with the irrigation system. The food and water you supply for the plant maybe taken by these garden moles hence they can damage your crops to the core.

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There are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of the garden moles. Let us discuss some of them.

Getting rid of the garden moles

  • First you need to know where the mole is residing. For that you need to go on their track they have put forth in your garden. Garden moles burrow the soil and make a track and you need to go on this track which leads towards them. While you are going on the track you may refurnish the soil with your feet and place the soil to its proper place. Take small steps while you move on the lawn.
  • Make sure you do not move quickly with your feet because the garden moles are blind and they cannot see but the garden moles can hear and they possess a decent sense of hearing. So they can get cautious while you move quickly. So you need to be very careful with your steps.
  • Now you need to have a hammer and shovel nearby you. Killing or blocking the mole will require time and patience. Take a shovel and observe the movement of the mole inside the soil. If you see the new track is being made or there is some sort of movement under the soil just observe it and notice the movement. Now take the shovel that has been placed near you and go for the mole. Block the backward movement of the mole by placing down the shovel at the backside of the track some inches back from the mole. Now see the movement of the mole. The mole has no other place to move to except for in the forward direction. Take the shovel and block the forward track of the mole as well or you can just kill it by placing the shovel on the head of the mole.
  • Sometimes the mole strikes the head of the shovel as you place the shovel in the forward track of the mole.  Now you need to discard the mole and for that you just have to pick up the mole and gently carry it away from the ground and throw it away in the garbage.
  • You can also take the use of a mousetrap to get rid of the moles.