How to Get Rid From Crickets in Basement

Not every ant like creatures is harmful. Crickets are one such creature which is not very harmful to humankind but they can be very annoying once they start reproducing at your house in large number. Crickets does not cause any health related disease or illness to humans, but they damage your other accessories like clothes, walls, wooden tables, some furniture items and some other stuff. So if the crickets go rampant at your home they can be very troubling for you.


You need to get rid of the crickets as soon as you can and there are numerous ways of doing so. Let us discuss some of the ways with which you can rip off the crickets from your home and especially your basement which is their most favorite residing place.

Getting rid of the crickets in basement

  • Luring the crickets for bait is probably the best method you can do to get rid of the crickets. Crickets are crazy for molasses so you need to take the molasses in a bowl and put some water in there. Now put the bowl in the crevices or corners of the basement of your house so crickets will get attracted to it. Once they get in the bowl they will be drowned in water and you can get rid of them.
  • You can always get rid of the crickets with the help of bug sprays. Yes bug sprays are easily available in the market and you need to use it effectively on the crickets. Mostly all the bug sprays get rid of the crickets but there are some which are made specifically for crickets. Spray the chemicals in the nook and corners of your house esp. your basement because nooks of the places of your room are the main areas where you will see crickets roaming around.
  • Prevention is always better than cure as said by a wise man so you need to seal off your basement esp. the entrance points located in your walls and fissure where there is a chance of crickets to get inside your home. Since crickets are very important as they are very small so you need to be very careful with the entrance points of your home or basement.
  • Trash should be covered properly. Because crickets get attracted from the trash you need to cover it properly and not get let it ooze outside. Trash should be covered in the trash cans and should not be kept open. If you do this then be ready for the crickets’ raid at your house and esp. your basement.
  • Crickets are very fond of building nests wherever they find e place esp. in the tall grasses and other vegetations. So if you have got some vegetation grown in your backyard then and it has become large in size then you ought to cut it as soon as you can.
  • Remove bright lights from your home because bright lights attract the crickets. Make the place as dark as you can or go for the bulbs of zero watts.