How to Get Rid From Cluster Flies

Like all the other bugs and flies that invade the houses, cluster flies are creatures that can be very disastrous for humankind if they get in the house of anyone. Disastrous not because cluster flies can bite the humans but they can create extreme nuisance of the environment of your home.

These can be termed as non sense flies because if they get attached on some item, they contaminate it at the very instant. Their way of contamination is not quite different from the usual flies you see everywhere. So you should be very cautious while dealing with these cluster flies.


There are countless ways to tackle this problem and get rid of the cluster flies. Let us see some of them.

Getting rid of the cluster flies

  • The best possible way to get rid of the cluster flies, is by blocking their way from enter into your house. Yes cluster flies are very small creatures and they can make their way into your house from even the tiniest of cracks and fissures or crevices in the walls. You need 5o block these places by sealing them and you can seal these places by different materials. You should seal the openings of your windows by placing corks in there. You can cement your walls at the places where there are cracks or some lines are present or the areas where the cement has been ripped off from.
  • Cluster flies usually invade the house during early winters or late summers. So you need to protect your house during these times and only then you can be completely protected from these flies. You can always the insecticide solutions such as Suspend SC or Demon VP to get rid of the cluster flies from your home. These solutions should be sprinkled all over the outer/exterior surface of your house. As you spray your home with these solutions, if the cluster flies dare to attach to your house they will die immediately and they won’t come back again. Make sure that you do not spray the insecticide inside your house.
  • If the cluster flies have already attacked your house then you can get rid of them by some very useful ways like you can use a vacuum pump to get rid of them and apply the vacuum pump in the places where the nests of cluster flies are present in large number. Usually their nests are present in the attics and basements.
  • If you want to kill the cluster flies at your house then you can easily do it with the help of a pyrethrum spray. Spray lightly on the areas where there is small infestation of these bugs and spray heavily in the areas where there is heavy infestation of these flies.
  • Some people also trap the flies and kill them but this is not a very useful method although, people have adopted this method and found it very useful. You need to be very cautious while you trap these cluster flies.