How to get rid from Bats

Some people consider bats as bad as other living animals while there are a great number of people who consider bats to be human friendly and extremely beneficial because the bats get rid of a lot of other small insects and rodents. So in a way bats can make your work easier.

But most of the times bats are not of much use and create a lot of disturbances in your house if found. Bats are not found in the houses but at times they can be found. If bats nest in your homes they will probably reside around the periphery like in the attic or porch and you would feel like getting rid of the bats as soon as you can. Make sure that there are some countries in which you cannot get rid of the bats all by yourself and it is considered illegal so you may need to call some experts first.

Following are some of the methods by which you can get rid of the bats.

Getting rid of the Bats

  • First you need to make sure that you are getting rid of the bats at the right time of the seasons. Do not get rid of the bats without caring the season. This is essential because bats can be of great use to you and if there is a spring season then bats can get rid of the rodents at your home too so make sure you get rid of the bats when there are not others pests attacking you. Try not to get rid of the bats during the season of winters because the bats cannot survive outside due to the cold besides these bats would also kill the winter bugs and mosquitoes that come across your way.
  • In order to get rid of the bats you need to first find their location or entry points. Yes this is all important because without it you would not be able to get rid of the bats. You can find their location by their droppings. Bat droppings can be found at places but make sure you stay away from those droppings because bat droppings contain some bacteria that can be dangerous for humans. Bats can also be found in some of the common places e.g. in the crevices of porches or roofs, the places where your pipes enter in your homes and etc.
  • After you have found their entrance points it is about time that you seal their entry trough different methods. You can either seal their entry in your home by covering their entry places through some cloth or wooden card boards or metallic sheets. You need to seal their entry places by installing these things when the bats are not present in their residing places.
  • There are some other ways too by which you can get rid of the bats. You can stay away from bats by using the moth balls. The use of aerosol spray is also recommended by a lot of people. Try spraying in the places where bats are mostly present but use the sprays during the day time when bats are not resting in their homes. Do not use ultrasonic devices because these devices would not work.