How To Get Rid From Algae

You have seen the different types of mold in your house, the scourge of rodents and wicked insects at your place but you may not be quite familiar with the raid of algae at your place. Algae normally grow in the water or in the places that are extremely damp. If you are a fish lover and you have got plenty of fish at your place in the aquarium then you would see that thick greenish velvety type thing clung to the mirror in the water and looking back at you.

This is the algae which is not good for the sea creatures. In your house you can see algae at your bath tubs in your sinks and mostly at every place where there is light, water and warmth. The good thing about algae is that it is harmless for humans and some people have even come to say that it is good for human nature since oxygen is the byproduct of algae. Whatever the reasons are you just want to get rid of it as it does not look good in your home.

Let us see some of the methods or procedures by which you can get rid of the algae.

Getting rid of the Algae

  • You have an aquarium at your home then you should know that overfeeding the fish will only causes you trouble. If you over feed fish then probably the fish would not eat the extra food and that food will be gone to the algae in the water so instead of restricting the growth of algae you are actually promoting it. Not only just by over feeding you are promoting the growth of algae you are also increasing the waste of the fish which is an excellent fertilizer for the algae.
  • Aquarium’s water should be changed regularly. Although the presence of water filter in the aquarium does a lot of job for you and makes your work easy yet you need to change the water at least once a month. Water in excess will only promote the growth of algae.
  • The growth of algae is largely promoted by sunlight, water and required nutrients. Water is already present in the aquarium and algae can take the nutrients from the fish. Now it is the factor of sun light which plays an important role. If you place your aquarium directly under the sunlight then it is certain that the growth of algae would be extreme but if you place your aquarium in the darkness and not in the light then the algae would not grow or if it does grow it would be a stunted growth to say the least. Try placing the aquarium in the dim light or medium light.
  • If nothing works out then there are always the algae pads that can work. Algae pads will not destroy your glass of the aquarium but make sure that the algae do not grow. These algae pads are pretty strong to remove the algae from your aquarium. Just move the algae pad back and forth or in the circular motions in the aquarium and your algae will be off in an instant.