How to Get Rid Of the Black Eye Fast

Just like any other disorder that requires patience to wear out black eye is a disorder of one of the most sensitive organs of your body which says patience is the cure. Not many disorders can be cured with patience but this is one of the disorders that say patience is the key. It looks so embarrassing when you have a family get together, a wedding or any party with some friends the black eye looks very odd and disturbing. So there are a lot of things you need to be sure and cautious of of in order to get rid of the black eye faster.

Getting Rid of the Black Eye

  1. The head trauma near the eye should always be treated with the cold water or ice. This is the very common method to prevent the black eye and every parent must know it. If you have got into an accident and the area surrounding your eye has gotten black then take a towel put some ice in there and wipe the towel on that region. This will reduce the swelling in that region by constricting the blood vessels. This is arguably the most effective method to treat the black eye.
  2. If you have gotten the black eye and it is not getting the appropriate amount of treatment from the first method and you are in a lot of pain then take some pain relievers with some caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and it will constrict the blood vessels and help in reducing the swelling while pain reliever will relieve the pain in an hour or so.
  3. After 48 hours has gone and you have applied the treatment number 1 that is the cold compression of the eye switch the cold compression to warm compression. 48 hours is a good amount of time for the vessels to constrict. Now you need to dilate the blood vessels to keep the blood flow going in that region so take some cloth, dip it in the warm water bath and then wipe the cloth on the effected region. Heat not only dilates the blood vessels to maintain the blood flow but also remove the dead tissues and blood clots.
  4. Another good technique to reduce the swelling of the black is while sleeping. This is not actually a technique but a precautionary measure. Keep your head elevated while sleeping and avoid moving your head to the different sides. By keeping your head elevated your blood pressure in the head region will be maintained. By turning your head here and there, there are chances that you might rupture the blood capillaries or vessels in the region surrounding your eye and your black eye might get worse.
  5. Vitamin C is a great natural remedy to treat the black eye patients and they should be taking it everyday. Oranges or orange juices should be given to the patients of black eye. Vitamin C plays an essential part in building the collagen and connective tissue of your skin.