How To Get Rid Of Nausea

Nausea is a feeling that comes into contact with almost every one. It is a feeling when one feels burdened and cannot throw up. Nausea is a feeling that makes the stomach upset. It urges to vomit but the person finds it hard to throw up. It can even result in rapid heartbeat or sweating. It is a temporary situation which is common in the entire world.


Getting rid of Nausea

  • The reason behind this feeling is lack of oxygen that the reaches your brain. The solution to such a feeling is taking slow, deep breaths. Nausea results the person’s body to become dehydrated. The solution to this issue is to drink light clear fluids such as herbal tea or cold water. Avoid chewing as it would increase the level of throwing up. Have the sips of fluids slowly. Sweet drinks may help you to calm the stomach.

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  • It is also important to avoid coffee or acidic drinks such as orange juice or fizzy drinks, but 7up or Sprite might be helpful at times. Licking ice cubes can also prove to be helpful. Peppermint or chewing mint in any form would help to prevent nausea. Even, gingers are said to be the best natural solution for nausea. Taking in ginger ale, ginger root capsules, ginger tea would also be a great remedy.
  • Moreover, if you have already vomited, having toasts or crackers would be helpful in order to fill the stomach. Acidic food or food that contains high cholesterol should be prohibited. Starchy food is helpful but oily food is as poisonous as anything.
  • A nap would also be a great help. It would be best if the person lies down so as to feel better. Instead of being tensed or pressurized with nauseated feeling, it is better to have fresh thoughts. Don’t take stress as it can lead to nausea. Don’t walk or react too fast in order to avoid dizziness. It would be better to lay on the sides instead of laying straight and specifically curl your legs to feel better.
  • Calm music would make you feel relaxed. Don’t watch or think about any mysterious events because nervousness can make the condition even worst.
  • If the person feels even more disgusted, then consulting a doctor is the best recommendation. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics in order to make you feel better.
  • At times, eating banana slowly would also prove to be helpful.
  • Rubbing the stomach makes the person feel better.
  • It is better to relax from stress and anxiety.
  • Aromatherapy might eliminate the nauseated feeling using lemon, lavender or mint.
  • Proper and healthy diet is a must for any patient but for nauseated patients, it is the most important to take these listed steps into consideration so as to avoid the disgusted feeling of nausea.
  • It is not that that it cannot be avoided but just by taking care about rest and taking proper diet would end up a healthy person.

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