How To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness

Morning sickness which is also referred to as Nausea Vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) or Emesis Gravid arum is a common condition where almost half of pregnant women feel the need to vomit. Despite the name morning sickness it has been proven that indeed the need to vomit happens at any time of the day, mostly due to the rise of estrogen levels in the body.

Morning sickness has also been found in women who use hormonal contraception or use hormone replacement therapy. In most cases the nausea can start at about the second week of pregnancy and usually ends at around the 12th month of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness

Although some doctors say that morning sickness reflects the proper growth of the placenta, if the case becomes severe due to electrolyte imbalances and lack of nutrients in the body and there after goes untreated it might damage both the unborn baby and the mother in the process. Severe cases may include dehydration, alkalosis, weight loss and hypokalemia. So how does one reduce morning sickness? There are a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts that doctors recommend in order to survive it and have a healthy baby.

One of the basic requirements is to at least alter your meals, most pregnant women are used to taking large meals a day and less of light meals, thus in case one is in a situation where she finds herself fighting with morning sickness, its advisable for them to switch to eating six small meals a day to make a difference and mostly look for meals that contain a good amount of proteins and those which are not fatty and greasy. Spicy foods and caffeinated drinks like sodas and coffee should be avoided.

Ginger powder and special ginger teas have been tried and found effective. Ginger tablets are also effective and can be easily found in health food stores, and most of the doctors and midwives do recommended them, however women have to be very careful in following the given/correct dosage in order to avoid the negative side effects of the remedy.

Another method that can be used is Seabands, these are special wrist bands that are found in most of the drug stores, these contain a small ball on them which presses on some of the pressure points on the wrist thus helping in reducing nausea, the benefit of using them is that they are not expensive, have no side effects and are readily available.

Medication can also be used to fight morning sickness especially in cases where the nausea is severe and the available home remedies have not worked, in such cases one should consult the doctor or midwife for alternative solutions. Unfortunately there are just but a few anti-nausea medications that are available in the market which pregnant women are able to take and can be of great relief.

However they are some drawbacks to this such as drowsiness and therefore the doctor/midwife will need to give a prescription and can also help one in making the right decision not just for the morning sickness alone, but also for the better health of unborn baby as well. Another method is use of Preggie pops, these are similar to lollipops and contain a number of flavors that do help in reducing morning sickness, they are good relief for milder cases and the good thing about them is that they are all natural.